About us

Emplece is a clothing brand founded by a driven 16-year old whose passion belongs in clothing and having a valuable influence on others. The initial journey of establishing the company was distinct. Our company is based in the main capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Our highest desire is to present the message “Positivity is priority”. We are striving to motivate and inspire people that positivity should be prioritized. This is the main part that makes Emplece stand out from other clothing brands. 


Our business idea is to combine our important message with selling qualitative and classy looking clothes by our choice of colours and themes, black and white mixed with excellence. Another aspiration we have is to always satisfy our customers and treat them in a positive way that makes them feel just as they should. 


The idea behind our company was inspired by our grandmother who eventually passed away from alzheimer's. She was always thinking positive and saw the great things in life instead of the negative. We decided to take this with us and our appetite applies in conveying this to the public. Emplece was later founded with its slogan; Positivity is priority.